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importance of logo design

Perhaps the single most-important visual image for a brand is its logo, it’s an iconic symbol that customers will recognise and associate with certain brand messages. Ferry Design understands the importance of brand image, that’s why we’re passionate about creating a logo that sells itself! We’ve worked with some of the biggest names on the planet; Shell, American Express and Mercedes-Benz to name but a few so you can be assured of the highest quality logo design that Melbourne has to offer.

At Ferry Design we don’t just create logos that are visually appealing, there’s a method to our design that stretches way beyond aesthetics, we like to fashion identities. Our logos are unique, memorable and above-all representative of your brand – we achieve this by considering all aspects of designFor example, consider the significance of something as simple as colour schemes by imagining some iconic logos (Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Google, Ford) and then giving them a new colour – would the Coca-Cola brand hold the same connotations if its logo was green? Certain colours hold sub-conscious suggestions; red has long been associated with intensity, love and passion, whereas blue has undertones of clarity, calmness, conservative and trust, then there’s purple with its glamorous, royal and introspective subtexts. Logos are critical to a brands success, it’s important to be recognised – did you know, at the tender age of 3-5 we start to recognise a logo stands for a product and by the age of 8 we’re able to consistently recall the logo!

At Ferry Design we take logo design seriously. Let us design a logo that works.


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