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  1. It is always a good idea that you know who you are selling products too as if you target everyone you will finish up with the dismal results. Come up with specific target customers so your brochures design is targeting them specifically. In this way you will make sure that your marketing material will speak straight to the customers.
  2. Benefits instead of features:  This is the main key to the marketing; you sell benefits from the products not the features. Make sure your brochures are describing benefits not the features. This is really hard for some people to put it in the brochures design as they don’t understand that benefits sell not the features.
  3. Work hard on headline in the brochures design. According to David Ogilvy, famous ad man, people make decision to read your brochures design from the header. It’s always a good idea to work on the header so you make the contact with the customer from the brochures design.
  4. Another important thing in the brochures design is to put call to action. If you have an attractive brochures design but if you don’t have call to action then you lose the customer straight away.
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